Download a PDF of the Clinic Policies

Thank you for choosing The Massage Therapy Clinic at IBT.  In order to best serve clients and community, Communication is the key.  We would like to take this opportunity to communicate the policies of our clinic.  Please take your time to review the policies of our clinic.  After you have read and understand please put your initials after each line. We appreciate your business and look forward to being of service.

Clinic Rules

  1. Massage Therapy sessions are not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Sessions are STRICTLY for therapeutic purposes only.
  2. Confirmation calls, email or texts from our IBT Massage Therapy clinic is a courtesy. The client is responsible for keeping the appointment with or without a confirmation call.
  3. Massage Sessions will end at the scheduled time. Clients who arrive late will receive remaining time of services; the client is still responsible for full payment.   Massage Sessions may be cancelled if the client is more than 20 minutes late.
  4. IBT Massage Therapy Clinic maintains a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Clients who cancel appointments after 24 hour period, or miss their appointment, will be responsible for rescheduling their session.
  5. Massages may be in session, please turn off cell phones or put on vibrate mode; if a call must be taken/made client will need leave the clinic
  6. IBT Massage Therapy Clinic maintains a strict policy of client confidentiality
  7. The IBT massage clinic is a teaching environment. Student absences may occur which may cause your session to be cancelled. If session is cancelled, your next scheduled session will be discounted.
  8. Station curtains will be closed while you change, and remain open during the session to allow teachers to assist student therapists if necessary. Teachers and other students may observe the session as part of the learning process.

Client Understanding

  1. Clients will arrive to their scheduled session in a hygienically appropriate fashion (No Perfume, Body Sprays/Mists, Cologne scents, etc.)
  2. Clients will arrive to their massage session free of any intoxicants, Clients cannot be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
  3. Client is responsible for informing the massage therapist of any medical conditions and medications which they are taking, and any known implications for massage
  4. Inappropriate conduct, sexual harassment or otherwise are NOT tolerated and will result in immediate termination of session, client will be excused from the clinic immediately.
  5. Clients are encouraged to evaluate all massage sessions and have the right to discuss any issues and concerns with the clinic management.
  6. Clients is responsible for their personal belongings. Please do not bring your valuables with you to the clinic if possible.
  7. IBT Massage Therapy Clinic reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.